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In the small Italian city of Bari, Italy an industrialized port and university city, whose inhabitants still maintain strong traditions based on its patron the De Asti’s Family lived, worked and ultimately sought greater opportunity for their four young sons in America. The four boys quickly embraced the American lifestyle in the city of Chicago. Imbued with strong family values and work ethics by their parents, the family opened a small storefront Italian deli in the near northwestern Chicago suburb of Bensenville. Slowly, very slowly at first – the family began selling various Italian specialty foods as well as offering a limited amount of homemade Italian-Inspired sandwiches, soups & pasta dishes. The store in Bensenville strip mall allowed the brothers to expand their unique food offerings as well as provide indoor seating for their growing number of luncheon patrons.


While Mom baked and prepared family recipes for the store’s deli counter, Pops (always impeccably dressed) dutifully managed the “front-of-the-house” at his station at the lone cash register. The family made sandwiches to order in the back of the store. Growth continued and in 2000 the four brothers purchased land, broke ground and built the current Asti Deli on property located just “down the street” from their original Bensenville location.


The current location offers an interesting mix of family, familiarity and good food. The walls are covered with family photos of the boys’ grandparents, aunts, uncles, children and sights from the brothers’ beloved Bari. Big screen TV’s, an inviting fireplace, an open-to-the-air 3-season dining area completes an atmosphere that encourages patrons to stay and enjoy the food and social camaraderie. It’s a full-scale food stop now. Today’s Asti Deli is a long way from its simple beginnings as a grocery store but hasn’t lost the brother’s dedication to family, hard work and great food. Soups, specialty sandwiches, pizza, pasta, desserts, coffees and catering all define the congenial wholesomeness that is Asti Deli.


Venite a Godervi…….Come and Enjoy!


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